Well, here we are in yet another lockdown with nothing to do but complete your WRA membership renewal? So far more than 60 per cent of you seem to have found other things to do though, please do tell us what, it may help us all! So please could you renew very soon and before I find more productive things to do? At least with the vaccine roll out going well we can very likely look forward to a programme of shooting provisional details below.

WRA Website Launched. Our new website is up and running but does need your help please with more photos, documents, news etc

Extra Donations: For those of you who shop on Amazon, please consider registering with Amazon Smile and choosing the WRA as your chosen charity.

This is an easy way of raising a bit of extra money for the WRA. It is very simple to register, costs you nothing and then any purchase you make,  Amazon sends a donation of 0.5 per cent to the WRA.

Please visit: smile.amazon.co.uk

Please also note that we are now registered again for Gift Aid so any donation you make specifically,
perhaps with your membership, or have made in the last 4 years, will be increased by 25 per cent.

NRA Shooter Certification Cards (SCC)

All SCCs are now issued as photo cards by the NRA. I now have NRA SCCs for previous members
and they will be returned with your WRA membership card. Some of you may well then have two as
the NRA have in the past sent out some 4 year ones direct to members.

WRA AGM and Matches

Assuming COVID restrictions are eased and we hope shooting gets back to normal, we propose to hold the 2021 AGM on Saturday the 15th May 2021, during the weekend match for Home Countries vs
the RAF.

Please make every attempt to attend as we need a good turnout for both the AGM and the matches. Provisional dates for our other matches are:

17/18 April (Training if allowed by COVID)

15/16 May Home Countries v RAF,

29/30* May vs L&MRA, 26/27* June vs Army. 16-24 July NRA Imperial,

28-30 Aug WRA Open.
*Note: These two dates are still to be confirmed.

No 2/21


We hope to be able to plan at least one TR/MR Talent Identification and development weekend this year but it depends on funding from WTSF. Due to likely COVID restriction it might be run on 12/13th June if restrictions allow, but we need support from WTSF to be able to keep it as free or
minimal cost for juniors.


Ollie Russell has sourced some new Welsh kit. He says:
Following numerous requests for team kit here is the 2021 Welsh team kit! We have kept it simple (male and female polo and the option for a fleece) but have gone for a good quality polo with the fleur-de-lys (aka Price of Wales’ feathers) emblem and the “CYRMU|WALES” across the back to emphasise the Welsh team spirit.

You have the option of the name to go on the right breast (leave blank if you don’t want anything there).

If you wish to look at the kit brands they are here:
Henbury male polo
Henbury female polo
1) Complete the attached form. Click here.
2) Transfer the money to the WRA (either by bank transfer or cheque included in the form)
3) Return the form to Oli Russell (see how below)
4) Do ALL this by the 31st April and get ready for Team Wales to look amazing at the 2021
Where to return the form:
Either email: orwr@hotmail.co.uk
Or post:
Oli Russell, 7 Leycester Close, Windlesham GU20 6JR
Many thanks, Oli Russell

Please respond to these requests before we get back to busy lives out of lockdown