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Like London buses, Wales wait 142 years for a victory in the National match and then another comes along straight away.

Five years after our first win, a team of 20 shooters and five coaches beat England by a mere two points with a score of 2067.249/2100.420 Each shooter fired two sighters and seven scoring shots at 300, 500 and 600 yards.

Here are the scores from the heroic effort

The National Challenge Trophy
1 Wales
Captain: Mr PS Gray
Adjutant: CE Jeens
Main Coach: LJ Brister
Coaches: Mr MP Watkins, Wg Cdr CJ Hockley OBE, Mr PS Gray
Reserves: Miss AJ Carnell, Mr ARP Harrison, Mrs HV Golaszewski
300x 500x 600x Total
Mr THD Dodds 35.6v 35.5v 35.6v 105.17v
Miss CA Evans 35.5v 35.5v 35.4v 105.14v
Mr ORW Russell 35.4v 35.5v 35.4v 105.13v
Mr HJ Golaszewski 35.4v 35.3v 35.4v 105.11v
Mr TO Little 34.6v 35.6v 35.6v 104.18v
Mr CJ Watson 35.6v 35.5v 34.5v 104.16v
Mr AC Haley 35.5v 35.5v 34.4v 104.14v
Mr ERT Jeens 35.6v 35.4v 34.2v 104.12v
Mr RCT Jeens 34.4v 35.2v 35.4v 104.10v
Mr OR Farrell 35.3v 34.4v 35.3v 104.10v
Mr RC Oxford 35.6v 34.5v 34.5v 103.16v
Mr GW Morgan 35.5v 35.5v 33.3v 103.13v
GC O’Leary 35.4v 34.4v 34.4v 103.12v
Mr JC Evans 34.2v 34.2v 35.7v 103.11v
Mr RW Ramage 35.3v 34.2v 34.5v 103.10v
Mr M Bumford 35.2v 34.3v 34.3v 103.8v
Mrs SP Thorogood 35.3v 34.1v 34.3v 103.7v
WO1 JR Davies 33.3v 34.5v 34.5v 101.13v
Miss PA Evans 34.4v 33.5v 34.4v 101.13v
Mr M Horton-Baker 34.5v 32.2v 34.4v 100.11v

Well done to all


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The WTSF has an exciting programme over the next 2 years to get 2500 new juniors to try shooting. It will start with taster events in Wales using laser rifles at outdoor events as soon as lockdown rules are eased.  We are looking for volunteers in Wales to assist at these events to help supervise the experience.

Travel costs will be paid.  The only qualification is to be enthusiastic in order to “sell” all shooting disciplines to youngsters.  Please let us know if you can help?  The next level, once youngsters have signed up, or for those who just want to progress with target rifle, is to run a WRA Junior Introductory course.  The first of these is planned for 9-10  April 2022. There is likely to be a small charge to book attendance, but more details can be requested from the Secretary at the e-mail below.

Any nuggets of news or something you want to communicate, please submit them via email.

About The Welsh Rifle Association

The WRA is the Governing Body for Welsh full-bore rifle shooting. This covers both Target Rifle from 300yds to 1000yds and Match Rifle from 1000yds to 1200yds, all shot with 7.62 calibre. 300metre full-bore rifle shooting also comes under the WRA but there are currently no Welsh shooters participating in this discipline competitively. The 300metre discipline is usually done with 7.62mm or 6mm. The emerging TR discipline of F Class, along with Gallery Rifle are also administered by the WRA.

The WRA incorporates the Welsh XX Club and provides national teams and individuals to represent Wales. The WRA has a Clubhouse facility at Bisley which currently does not offer accommodation but provides some basic facilities. Most Welsh full-bore shooting is done at Bisley due to the lack of long range facilities and the difficulty of booking ranges in Wales. The WRA Captain organises all the shooting events which must be booked direct with him/her on the booking form sent to members at the start of the year (also available through the News section of this site). Booking must be accompanied with the appropriate fee so that the WRA can reserve enough targets and markers.

Full membership of the WRA provides benefits such as being eligible for Welsh team selection and participating in subsidised weekend shooting where costs for targets, markers and ammunition is currently £45 per day. Coaching courses are arranged from time to time and weekend WRA Squad training is carried out where members are provided with coaching. Matches are also arranged throughout the year and an annual international match against Canada is usually held in Wales in July just prior to the Imperial Meeting.

The WRA encourages youth shooting with subsidies and scholarship awards, reduced membership fees and support with some equipment when available. There are currently three rifles available for use at WRA events and we have recently received two new rifles and spotting scopes. These have to be kept at Bisley but are available to those who are between school or Cadets and full-time jobs.

Membership application forms are available on this site and at the beginning of the year. New members are usually not charged anything after 1st Aug as there is only very limited shooting after this time. A £5 affiliation fee would be charged for the Welsh Open for instance. Prospective new members are usually asked to provide a sponsor/referee who is already a member of the WRA. A three month probationary term of membership will also usually be applied.

WRA GIFT AID.    The WRA is a Charity (Charity number 258370) and is registered for Gift Aid.  This means that if you are a tax payer any donation you make can be increased by 25 per cent.  Please consider donating and completing the form attached for any donation you make, however small, as it all mounts up to help keep our costs down and our ability to support our juniors.

WRA – A Brief History

The Association was founded in 1904. Its aim was, and is, to promote and encourage marksmanship throughout Wales in the interests of the defence of the Realm and the permanence of the Volunteer and Auxiliary Forces, Naval, Military and Air.

After the First World War, in which many members of the Association became casualties, the function of the Association were assumed by the Welsh XX Club from its clubhouse at Bisley, until the Association was restarted under a new Constitution in 1976.

The latest Constitution replaces the 1988 Constitution and is effective from the end of the Bisley Imperial Meeting, 2006.

Shooting Programme

Tour information
The WRA is attempting to schedule an international tour 2022 to Guernsey and Jersey.  The team must be selected by the end of January 2022.  Space is limited due to numbers that both Islands can accept, but the dates are Jersey 26-30 May and Guernsey 1-6 June.

If you wish to be added to this list please forward via the Contact Us button


Regrettably, due to uncertainties over the Covid pandemic, shooting sports have been cancelled.

After Birmingham picked up the Games as a reserve venue from Durban in 2018, shooting sports were not included in the programme. However, after objection from India, there had been an agreement to host the shooting and archery events in Chandighar six months before the actual games.

Unfortunately,  the pandemic’ grip on India proved too much.

What the future looks like for Commonwealth Games shooting events remains uncertain.

We will endeavour to keep you informed .  At present there is a proposal to hold an equivalent Commonwealth Shooting Federation Shooting event at Bisley.  Watch this space!

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Calling all members… or past ones

Well, here we are in yet another lockdown with nothing to do but complete your WRA membership renewal? So far more than 60 per cent of you seem to have found other things to do though, please do tell us what, it may help us all! So please could you renew very soon and...

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Winter Shopping with Amazon and help the WRA

We hope you have managed to do a little shooting this year despite the restrictions. As we move into the winter months there is one thing you might do which can help the WRA please.  If you use Amazon please choose Amazon Smile and 0.5 per cent of your net purchases will be credited to the WRA.

The Welsh Twenty Club is the official charity name so please select that where you can. We have registered the WRA as one of the Amazon Smile supported charities so all you need to do is visit Amazon Smile which is exactly the same as Amazon, but allows you to choose your chosen charity as the WRA.

There is no difference to you in how you do your Amazon shopping but the WRA will benefit automatically with that 0.5 per cent. Every little helps in these difficult times, so please help us make that little bit extra on the shopping you were going to do anyway. via Amazon!?

European Firearms Pass from January 2021

Changes to EFPs
When the UK transition period ends, from 1 January 2021 residents of Great Britain will no longer be able to apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP) or use one to travel to the EU with their firearm or shotgun.

Residents of Northern Ireland will still be able to request an EFP and to use it to take a lawfully owned firearm to an EU country, including the Republic of Ireland, from 1 January 2021.

What this means for your members
Before travelling, GB residents will need to check and follow the licensing requirements of any EU country they will be in with a firearm from 1 January, as well as UK import and export controls. This includes if you are in an EU country on 1 January.

Countries may have varying lead times for applying for licenses, so we recommend checking requirements well ahead of travelling.

If you’re sponsoring an EU visitor bringing a firearm to GB, you should apply to the local police force for a visitor’s permit like now but will not need to produce the visitor’s valid EFP. Visitor’s permits issued before the transition period ends will stay valid until they expire.

Next steps
If you receive any enquiries about travelling with firearms after the end of the transition period, you can direct to our guidance on GOV.UK

2020 Welsh Team Match Photos

The Imperial Meeting 2020 will go down in history for more reasons than Covid 19.

The WRA had a very good showing in the 151st Imperial delayed from its usual July slot to 11 – 19 Sept.  The weather was particularly kind with no rain during the competitions and some glorious sunshine though some tricky early autumn winds were in evidence.

Some details fared better than others but the format was similar to previous years albeit with team matches on middle Wednesday with only the St Georges and Queens on the final three days.
The team matches were a Lawrence Match on Wednesday morning for teams of 12 at 300, 500 and 600 yds where Wales came second to England by 12 points beating Scotland by 3 points and Ireland by 7 points.

Henryk Golaszewski was our top score with 150.21. This replaced the National match but in the Mackinnon we were 3rd, 7 points behind Ireland who were 10 points behind England. Gabby O’Leary was our top score with 99.7.

Five Members shot in the St George’s Final:  Al Haley (7th) Miles Horton-Baker (13th) Chris Watson (15th), Chloe Evans (18th) and Matt Fray (27th).

There were six WRA members in the Final of the Queens this year which was reduced to 50: Richard Jeens (11th)  Bob Oxford (15th) Chloe Evans(21st) Chris Watson (35th) and John Davies (43rd).

All- in-all a very good year for Wales.  Consequently, we are able to award the WRA Championship trophies as follows:

Sladen Cup (Highest in the 2019 Queen’s Prize) – Henryk Golaszewski

Dundonald Cup (Long Range) – Chris Hockley

Bailey Cup (All Comers Aggregate) – Chloe Evans (Came 2nd)

Stepney Cup (Grand aggregate) – Bob Oxford (Came 9th)

If you would like to order a photo, please request via email.

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Tour Information

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Constitution of The Welsh Rifle Association

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